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  • Cardio Machines in Gyms

    By Garrett Hirschenberger | In Gyms | on August 11, 2015

    Cardio is an important aspect in increasing your fitness. Most people do not know what other machines in the gyms work your cardio besides the basic treadmill. Here are some great machines to try the next time you go to different gyms. Stationary Bike This machine is great if you are stuck inside due to […]

  • Gym in Midland is a Fitness Game Changer

    By Gary Hausbeck | In Fitness, Midland, Nutrition | on September 17, 2014

    Midland Gym Creates Fitness Miracles Gym in Midland has been creating miraculous body transformations for thousands of citizens. Midland has gyms all around the area ranging from Yoga, Crossfit, Group Fitness and traditional gyms but they don’t have the retention rate nor the results that are produced from Seung-ni. Seung-ni Fit Club is located in […]

  • Saginaw Fitness Gym Motivates Members For Results

    By Gary Hausbeck | In Fitness, Gyms, Saginaw | on January 30, 2014

      The Seung-ni of Saginaw Fitness Gym understands the importance of motivation for results.   Most people at one time or another will get excited, sign up at a local fitness gym in Saginaw, work out for a few weeks or months and eventually lose their motivation and quit.  According to Live Strong, the reason they […]

  • East Lansing Gyms Don’t Know These 3 Secrets to Losing Weight… East Lansing Gyms are using terms like “weight loss” and “boot camp” to get you in the doors… But here’s the truth – most East Lansing gyms don’t know the first thing about losing weight effectively (and keeping it off forever). In fact, What are […]

  • Group Fitness Classes in East Lansing

    By Tanner Caputo | In Body Sculpt, East Lansing, Fitness, Kickboxing | on January 7, 2014

    East Lansing is home to almost 100 different gyms Many of these gyms in East Lansing offer different amenities and group fitness classes to try and draw in prospective clients. Whether it be tanning and snack bars or some crazy massage chairs, there’s always a gimmick. Let’s be honest… Does anyone actually use those massage […]