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  • Gym in Midland is a Fitness Game Changer

    By Gary Hausbeck | In Fitness, Midland, Nutrition | on September 17, 2014

    Midland Gym Creates Fitness Miracles Gym in Midland has been creating miraculous body transformations for thousands of citizens. Midland has gyms all around the area ranging from Yoga, Crossfit, Group Fitness and traditional gyms but they don’t have the retention rate nor the results that are produced from Seung-ni. Seung-ni Fit Club is located in […]

  • Saginaw Group Fitness Facility is Family Friendly

    By Gary Hausbeck | In CrossFit, Fitness, Gyms, Saginaw | on March 6, 2014

    Group fitness centers, gyms and CrossFit gyms can be found in just about every city in the country.  If you have ever been to these type of gyms, you will not likely see parents with their kids.  In fact, it is usually frowned upon to bring kids to the gym because they will get in […]

  • Bay City Kickboxing Benefits and Consequences

    By Beatrice Sushynski | In Bay City, Body Sculpt, Fitness, Gyms, Kickboxing | on March 3, 2014

    Bay City Kickboxing Class: Benefits & Consequences A little history lesson for you : The term Kickboxing is fairly young. It was introduced in the 1960’s by a Japanese boxer, Osamu Noguchi who wanted to promote a new form of Martial Arts by combining Muay Thai and Karate. The term Kickboxing was soon adopted by […]

  • Fitness Boot Camp in Saginaw Proves Success

    By Gary Hausbeck | In Fitness, Saginaw | on February 24, 2014

    You have probably heard of fitness boot camps over the past few years.  They are typically an outdoor group exercise class that mixes body weight exercises, calisthenics and interval training.  According to they often resemble a military boot camp and they are designed to keep you pushing harder than you would be able to […]

  • Midland, Michigan Fitness mecca Seung-ni Fit Club offers the most group fitness classes of any gym in Mid-Michigan.  The group fitness classes include Body Sculpt, Core, Kickboxing, Boot Camp and Zumba.  The Class Schedule for the Midland boutique gym reveals that when ever one of its members is free and ready to train there is […]

  • Life For Midland Resident Before Finding Boutique Gym  Megan moved to Midland, Michigan three years ago after graduating from Michigan State University.  She was like any other recent grad with a new corporate job.  Megan worked long hours at Dow in Midland and dedicated herself to her new career.  But with each passing year she […]

  • Kickboxing Burns Fat and Sculpts Lean Muscle

    By Gary Hausbeck | In Fitness, Gyms, Kickboxing, Saginaw | on February 17, 2014

    Kickboxing is Saginaw has become a very fun and popular way to get in shape.  It is taught in fitness centers, martial art schools and weigh lifting gyms.  This type of exercise involves kicks, punches, blocks, knees, elbows and fast footwork that is put together with swiftly executed combinations.  Kickboxing uses real life martial art […]

  • Get ready Saginaw fitness members, Seung-ni is beginning another body challenge March 9th! The March 9th challenge is a partner challenge, so grab your dad, mom, sister, or best friend and sign up today! <img src=”body-challenge1.gif” width=”10″ height=”10″ alt=”Body Challenge”> For those of you who have never heard of the body challenge in Saginaw, it […]

  • Fitness Videos Just Dont Work

    By Gary Hausbeck | In Fitness, Gyms | on February 9, 2014

    It is rare if I ever watch tv and I don’t come across a home fitness commercial.  The ad will show how you can have this incredible body in very short time frame by practicing along with their dvd.  It will show before and after pictures of numerous people claiming they have this incredible body […]

  • Self Defense is seemingly on everyone’s mind lately – and rightfully so.  Walking to your car after work, going out for a jog, in the mall parking lot after shopping – the chance for a self defense scenario to occur is ever present. Midland, Michigan is relatively safe place to live and great for families. […]