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  • Gym in Midland is a Fitness Game Changer

    By Gary Hausbeck | In Fitness, Midland, Nutrition | on September 17, 2014

    Midland Gym Creates Fitness Miracles Gym in Midland has been creating miraculous body transformations for thousands of citizens. Midland has gyms all around the area ranging from Yoga, Crossfit, Group Fitness and traditional gyms but they don’t have the retention rate nor the results that are produced from Seung-ni. Seung-ni Fit Club is located in […]

  • Saginaw Boot Camp and Fitness : What is it?

    By Katie Bell | In Fitness, Gyms, News, Saginaw | on September 8, 2014

    Group fitness classes have really started to become popular over the last twenty years, transforming the scene of gyms and fit clubs all over the country. With this transformation, comes new ideas. What kind of classes to offer? What’s popular right now? What could offer the best results? One of the biggest movements in the […]

  • Fitness Boot Camp in Saginaw Proves Success

    By Gary Hausbeck | In Fitness, Saginaw | on February 24, 2014

    You have probably heard of fitness boot camps over the past few years.  They are typically an outdoor group exercise class that mixes body weight exercises, calisthenics and interval training.  According to they often resemble a military boot camp and they are designed to keep you pushing harder than you would be able to […]

  • East Lansing Gyms Don’t Know These 3 Secrets to Losing Weight… East Lansing Gyms are using terms like “weight loss” and “boot camp” to get you in the doors… But here’s the truth – most East Lansing gyms don’t know the first thing about losing weight effectively (and keeping it off forever). In fact, What are […]

  • If you want to sweat a little and feel like your doing something then almost any Midland, Michigan gym will do.  If you are merely looking to proudly say you have a Midland gym membership so you can feel part of the in crowd then any will suffice.  If buying a Midland gym membership is […]

  • Residents of Midland, Michigan have several fitness choices.  Some traditional gyms with weight machines and treadmills.  Some clubs and recreation centers with limited fitness classes.  Some boutique spas offering trendy expensive workouts.  At the Seung-ni Fit Club in Midland the group fitness classes like kickboxing and body sculpt are unique because they make getting in […]

  • Boot Camp vs Body Challenge

    By Gary Hausbeck | In Body Challenge | on January 4, 2014

    Over the past 5 years there have been a rise in the popularity of fitness Boot Camps.  Boot Camps are general marketed as a military or intense group fitness workouts that claim you will get in great shape from enrolling in the program.  The instructor typically has to bring the equipment for the members to exercise […]