Seung-ni is always on the look out for new energetic and skillful members to add to our team!

If you are currently a group fitness instructor or would like an opportunity to attend our instructor training course, please read through the info below and send an email to with your resume, a cover letter and any additional information (e.g., video, pictures, your unique story, etc.) which shows what type of Rockstar Teacher you are or could become!

If you would like to be the face of Seung-ni and work the front desk just shoot us an email to with your resume, cover letter and a photo. Please feel free to think outside the box and forward us whatever shows us who “you” are.

Due to high demand for open spots at Team Seung-ni, applicants will need to submit all required information to be considered.

Think you got what it takes to raise the roof at Seung-ni?


What’s in the DNA of a Seung-ni Instructor?

1) PERSONALITY is what it’s ALL about. Your energy has to light up the room and attract everyone to you. You have to talk the talk and walk the walk – because you are on stage front and center!

2) You never let the minimum become your maximum. You take the initiative. You go above beyond in everything you do and always put customer service first.

3) You are fit, strong and inspire others with your passionate dedication and work ethic. Not only are you a great fitness instructor but you also look like one — and your body, attitude and spirit is a role model for every Seung-ni client.

4) You are a TEAM PLAYER on every level and humbly put aside your own ego to make the Team number one. You are loyal to Team Seung-ni — we are family, a tight family and you always have the Team’s back!

5) You take constructive critique well and see it as a positive opportunity to improve yourself as an instructor and to make the Team better.

6) You are RELIABLE. You realize that if you fail to show up for a class, finish a project or follow-up with a member’s issue that you would just be unfairly putting that burden on another team mate and refuse to do it!

7) “Can’t,” “Impossible” and “Problem” are not in your lexicon. You don’t accept defeat and you solve challenges with creative thinking and good old fashion effort.

8) You know that music is the soul of any group training class. You take the time on the front end to make sure that your play list is ready to roll for each and every one of your classes.

9) You are totally FEARLESS. You show up to take a class but for some reason the scheduled instructor is not there, you have never taught that type of class before, no music because the stereo system just broke, the gym is packed with clients who are there to be energized, entertained and worked hard. What do you do? You step up to the plate and kill it with a fantastic workout, 100% improvised on the spot with only your charisma, attitude and guts!!!

10) You LOVE what you do.


Skills required to be a Seung-ni Instructor:

1) Ability to design a class with intensity. Every instructor must make the client sweat, push their cardio vascular and create the class with muscle confusion and variety so it keeps the client excited to come back.

2) Class should be instructed perfectly on beat.

3) Instructor should be able to motivate and inspire to take the class to a level that’s more than just a workout.

4) Constantly scanning the room for safety and form.

5) Be open to feedback and implementing those changes immediately.

As we continue to expand, we aren’t just looking for instructors. We are looking for motivated leaders in the fitness industry who want to learn and teach with passion and intensity.

After expressing your interest in becoming an instructor, we will send you information regarding our next training date for our Seung-ni University program. During the program you will learn to teach a powerful sweat-pouring class that reaps quality cardio vascular and muscle defining results. The expectation is that you come out of training with the ability to teach an infectious, intense class, and know how to inspire clients to be great.

When sending your email, please specify from the following which class(es) that you are interested in teaching:
• Body Sculpt
• Kickboxing
• Boot Camp
• Cycling
• Jumps
• Cardio Party

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